About our consulting firm

Aqueducts Consulting can help you engage your customers, optimize your operations, transform your products and empower your employees.

The story behind our consulting firm

The team behind our firm

We help individuals and businesses increase efficiency and optimize their operations through the use of technology and strategic consulting. Our team has a wealth of experience in business process improvement, product development, and marketing. We're excited to share our expertise with you and help your business grow.

The team behind our firm

At Aqueducts Consulting, we understand that good process automation can make all the difference for your business. We offer strategic consulting to help you optimize your operations, engage your customers, and empower your employees. With our help, you can transform your products and take your business to the next level.

Our core values & principles

Hard work

Hard work doesn’t mean sacrifice. We know how to have fun and enjoy ourselves along the way--we just work hard at everything we do. Balance is important to us, and we know that if we aren’t enjoying ourselves, then we aren’t working to our fullest potential.


We believe in open communication and radical honesty. We are candid with our customers, teammates, and partners because we know that the only way to build trust is through transparency. We share our failures as well as our successes, knowing that it’s the only path to learning and growth.


We are reliable and accountable to our teammates, customers, and ourselves. We do what we say we’re going to do. We don’t make excuses; we take ownership of our actions. We know that reliable execution is the foundation of any successful organization. When things go wrong (and they will), we face up to the challenge and work relentlessly to correct it.


Ownership doesn’t mean being rigid or stubborn. It means being adaptable--evaluating what's best for the situation and making tough calls when needed. It means having the conviction to stand behind our decisions, even when they're unpopular.

Team work

We work together to achieve more than we could alone. We know that no one can do it all on their own--we need each other’s skills and perspectives to succeed. We help each other out, even if it means putting our individual goals aside for a moment. We don't just say “it takes a village”... we live it.


We embrace change to create the future. We know that if we want to stay ahead of the competition, we have to constantly innovate and rethink the status quo. We challenge ourselves and each other to come up with new ideas, even if they seem crazy at first. We experiment and take risks in order for progress to happen.

Hear what our great customers say

“You guys are not the consultants I’ve worked with in the past—they have treated me a certain way on former projects, and you all are completely set apart from that M.O.”

- Custom Retail Furniture Company

"Joe and the Aqueducts Team were very knowledgeable and helpful in the work they did for us!"

-Kevin Johsnon
Director of Finance
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