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We are based in Las Colinas, TX (just outside of Dallas), where we have been solving your most difficult data and reporting problems for Dynamics ERP since 2012.

The story behind our consulting firm

I started Aqueducts Consulting because I had a vision of water supplying a city the way that data supports a business. The business thrives with fresh data, and good engineering channels that data so that the person in a courtyard behind their home hears the running water as a backdrop to their imagination.

For me, at least, those moments produced visions like the one that finally struck me for the reporting teams across the market--that the reliability of the reporting system far exceeded the backlog of work itself, no matter how urgent it was.

I hope you find a spot here to sit and imagine, and that we can work together some day on the same dream.

Joe Christensen

Our core values & principles


It all starts here! We are most inspired by the dream belonging to our reporting teams, who are charged with supplying their company with data and reports. Their frustrations helped us convert from a team of experts to a reliable company.


We cannot make good on the dreams of our clients and team members without the discipline to show up and work the systems. Discipline keeps us in formation through pronounced growth and trials.


We align the goals of our business with the ultimate goals of our customers in reporting and data teams.
We align the goals of our business with the personal, professional, and financial goals of our team members.


We share our goals, expectations, and performance milestones with our team and with our clients, so there can be no confusion in the mission.


Stand up and be counted--we are accountable to our own goals, the company's targets, and the targets set on each project at each customer.

Results driven

None of the values matter if we do not produce results. We plan beforehand, check progress in-flight, and measure afterward on in-house and customer facing projects.

Hear what our great customers say

“I always felt like consultants don't listen on tech projects, and Aqueducts completely changed that impression for me.”

- Jessica B
Director of Operations

"Joe and the Aqueducts Team were very knowledgeable and helpful in the work they did for us!"

-Kevin J.
Director of Finance
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